Interview with Hunter Avallone

* Reposted, interview was conducted in 2016, some facts have been updated.

Hunter Avallone is a young, right-wing YouTuber who’s channel currently has 370,000 subscribers with a total of 50 million views.

1. What motivated you to start your YouTube channel and when did you realise you were a conservative?

Back in 2012, me and my younger brother decided to make a short little video. My friends thought it was funny so we made more videos. I guess you could call that my motivation! Since then, I began my own channel (my current channel) in 2014. I found myself wanting to just get through the non-political or controversial video so I could get to the controversial one. Finally I decided to go full political at the beginning of this year. And as far as discovering I was conservative, I would have to thank my upbringing and my very right wing grandparents. I used to be a lot more right leaning, but now as I’ve matured, I’m much more middle ground and even left leaning on some issues. I am my own person and hold my own individual beliefs on each issue. I don’t like to call myself conservative anymore, even though I still agree with more conservative ideals. I prefer to just be an individual and form my own opinion on each issue as it appears.

2. Is the lack of young conservatives worrying and if so, why are there so few young conservatives in your opinion?

It doesn’t bother me that much. I appreciate younger people expressing their opinion no matter which side of the political spectrum they’re on. Granted, I go after “wrong” opinions all the time, but I still appreciate my generation being political. I think the lack of conservatives is due to the progressive method of silencing and shaming those who would dare have an opposing opinion. I’ve spoken to quite a few conservatives who are too afraid to admit they like Donald Trump, or are conservative, because of being mistreated by their friends or piers. That’s not how it should be. Opposing opinions and disagreement should be expected, however the social justice warriors are trapped in their echo chamber and a foreign opinion is toxic to their wrong way of thinking. Hence, why they attempt to silence an opposing view. Although few, their voices are the loudest and could actually affect those with different opinions, maybe on a college campus for example. That may be a big reason so many young conservatives are afraid to speak about their beliefs.

 3. Do you think there needs to be more young conservatives like you online and in the media? And if so, how would we go about doing that?
I would certainly appreciate more young conservatives or young political figures with a view similar to mine but its all good to me. There’s no way of making it happen. The individual needs to make the decision themselves.
4. Are you familiar with the Alt-Right? If so, what is your opinion of them?
I’ve been called alt-right before and from what I’ve seen, I do NOT want to be associated with that title.
5. I know you support Donald Trump. So what is your main reason for supporting him? Do you support him for his Policies or the Cultural effect he will bring?
I like how brutally honest he is, especially when it comes to radical Islamic extremism. His ideas, the wall, and the temporary Muslim immigration ban is a logical solution to the current issues. I believe a lot of what he says is just basic common sense. He’s certainly not perfect, but he’s a very successful man who loves America. I truly believe he wants to improve America for all of us.
6. Do you have any criticisms of Donald Trump and if so, how would he go about fixing that?
I think he can say some stupid stuff sometimes. Especially the remarks on punishing woman who get abortions. I can’t “fix” it, but I wouldn’t hesitate to express my disagreement.
7. Who are some of your inspirations? Who do you look up to? 
I like Undoomed, Paul Joseph Watson, The Amazing Atheist, and Sargon of Akkad. I look up to all of them, but I’m very inspired by the amazing atheist currently. He’s funny, logical, and appears very natural on camera.
8. Where do you want your career to go in terms of YouTube? Would you like to appear on TV? Widen your audience? 
I’m just now starting to turn YouTube into my job. I currently work a part time job but I’ll be quitting once I start receiving YouTube money. I would love to appear on a TV show and widen my audience, but I’m very content with just doing YouTube as of now.
9. Would you ever go into Politics yourself?
Not gonna lie. I wouldn’t rule out running for president. My biggest goal would be unity amongst the political parties. Right now nothing gets done and its just republicans against democrats. Imagine two boys share a bedroom. Their mother walks in to see a messy bedroom and says, “You need to clean this mess up!” But the one boy says, “He made the mess!” and the other boy says, “No HE made the mess!” They’re so busy fighting, the room would never be cleaned. Right now all we see is democrats blaming everything on republicans and republicans blaming everything on democrats. It’s time to put aside our differences and work together to find middle ground to improve the country for the people.

10. I know you like to troll people on Twitter. Is there any reason for this or do you just like conflict? 

I don’t consider a lot of what I do “trolling” but I certainly call people out. I do my best to get some burns in but I usually like to base my arguments on factual information first.

11. Finally, do you think, honestly, Donald Trump will win the Election?

I hope so, but I just don’t know.

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Interview with Hunter Avallone
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