Violent protestors storm King’s College London event hosting controversial YouTuber

Violent protesters stormed a King’s College London event featuring a controversial anti-feminist YouTuber leading to the event having to be shut down amid threats to free speech on University campuses.

Police are investigating after masked antifa activists reportedly assaulted security guards as they broke into the university building, smashed windows, hurled smoke bombs and set off a fire alarm.

It comes amid growing concern about threats to free speech and politically correct culture on university campuses, with students seeking to “no platform” individuals or groups whose views are deemed offensive.

This is the latest in a series of campus events to descend into violence, with campaigners using violence and threats to shut down talks and intimidate audience members and speakers.

Masked protesters dressed in black broke into a room on Monday evening where King’s College Libertarian Society was hosting an panel event with guest speakers Carl Benjamin and Dr Yaron Brook.  

Benjamin, who goes by Sargon of Akkad on his popular YouTube channel, is known for his anti-feminist and anti-progressive views but describes himself as a classical liberal.

He was discussing the philosophy of Objectivism alongside Dr Brook, who is chair of the Board of Directors at the Ayn Rand Institute.

An anti-fascist group called North London Antifa celebrated the event, proclaiming that they had succeeded in their desire to “no platform” the Speaker.

King’s College London put out a statement written by Professor Edward Byrne AC President & Principal which said, “I’m shocked to have to report that the behaviour of these protestors was particularly aggressive and violent.  Some of the attendees and our security staff were injured when demonstrators – some of them masked and hooded – forced their way into the lecture hall.  A smoke bomb was thrown.  The whole event was a frightening experience for everybody who was there, including staff who were doing their job.

Providing an environment for open and uncensored debate on issues, even when controversial and conflicting views are likely to be aired, is an integral way that King’s can create an open and inspiring place to learn.  These events should absolutely be able to take place without fear of violence and intimidation.

I want to be clear that while we take our responsibilities to provide a safe platform for free, peaceful and respectful dialogue very seriously, we cannot, and will not, tolerate the use of violent protest in any situation.”

Shortly after the event was derailed, Sargon of Akkad uploaded a video to his YouTube channel speaking about the incident that had transpired which you can watch below.

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