So what if Britons become a minority in their own country?

The recent ONS 2021 Census data shows us that those identifying as white British accounted for just 36.8% of the population of London. In Manchester, it was 48.7%. In Birmingham, it was 42.9%. Three-time failed leadership candidate Sajid Javid, the Conservative MP who has held the positions of Chancellor, Heath Secretary, and Home Secretary doesn’t think this matters.

His exact response was ‘So what?’. If the Labour Party were smart, they would print this on a leaflet alongside record-high immigration figures for the last decade and send it out to every household in England. Of course, they won’t, because they don’t see an issue with it either.

For the entire period of modern British history, the British people have never once voted for increased migration, they have never once voted to import millions of people from other countries. The opposite, in fact, they have always voted to reduce it. The Conservative Party have always attempted to masquerade as the low immigration party, even using it in their campaign videos as recently as today, with Rishi Sunak calling the Labour Party the party of ‘more migration’. But no party serious about lowering migration is responsible for 1.1 million people coming to Britain in the last year.

Politicians are liars, we all know this, but most try to have some semblance of sincerity and attempt to keep their voters content, the Conservative Party shows time and time again that they actually hate the people who vote for them. That they don’t care about their members and they certainly don’t care about about the rest of us.

We will get no apology from Mr Javid for 13 years of uncontrolled immigration under the Conservatives.

It’s important to note that Mr Javid lives in a constituency that is around 94% white, perhaps he would think differently if that number was similar to London or Manchester. Or perhaps he wouldn’t, that’s not really the point. The point is no one voted for this. I’m sure his constituents would notice if they suddenly became a minority in Bromsgrove.

The rapid demographic, ethnic, religious and cultural change that has unfolded upon Britain was never put to the people of this country, it has been enacted without consent.

As Britain becomes less ethnically British, and ethnic minorities become a larger percentage of the population, discourse around race only inevitably increases as they seek to create their own history, identity, areas etc.

The recent riots between Muslims and Hindus in Leicester are another example of importing ethnic/religious conflict to the streets of Britain.

The British ruling class look down on their own citizens for wanting to preserve their nation’s history, culture, language, heritage and people. As recently as 1991, Britain was 93% white, it is now 81.7%.

Do not feel like this is a minority view, this is the majority view amongst most Britons, not because they are bigoted, or racist or whatever they wish to call me or you, but because they love their country like they love their own home and family, and they would like Britain to remain a familial place as it has been for centuries.

‘So what?’ is a minority view, held by the two-party, media, NGO, and business ruling class who have no stake in Britain as a historic nation. The answer to Mr Javid’s question is simple, we will vote you out.

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