More useless politicians, more wasted money, more bureaucracy

With the Labour Party now fully committed to troubling Britain even further than the Conservatives already have, it’s clear both parties are on a path to destroy the country.

Today the mighty Labour Party, riding high in the polls, the future ‘party of government’ announced their vision for the country titled ‘A New Britain: Renewing our Democracy and Rebuilding our Economy’. Whatever that means, straight from the Tony Blair playbook (his book was titled ‘New Britain’).

Failed politician Gordon Brown is the ‘brain’ behind this new vision, why exactly he was tasked with this after he was rejected by the electorate in 2010 remains to be seen. Interestingly, one of the contributors to the paper is a lady by the name of Arooj Shah. Shah was the former Leader of Oldham Council between 2021 and 2022 and appears to have some questionable relations with dangerous criminals. Only the best for the Labour Party!

However, we should not dismiss these proposals, they have serious consequences.

I will detail the most intolerable below and sketch out a plan to ensure they never come to fruition.

The first, ‘Recommendation 13: Local government should be given more capacity to
generate its own revenue with new fiscal powers
‘. This means jumped-up councillors and mayors will have the ability to increase the taxes you pay, most likely council tax to fund whatever stupid venture they come up with involving climate change or renewable bus stops. So that is then two sets of politicians that can steal your money.

The second, ‘In principle, there is no reason why, say, the great cities of England, as their capacity and capability develops, cannot exercise executive power comparable to the Welsh Assembly government or the Scottish government‘, ‘makes the case for a radical devolution of power to locally elected and locally accountable representatives‘. More useless politicians, a Sadiq Khan in every city, how wonderful! More wasted money on paying the salaries, office costs and staff of politicians we don’t need and don’t want. Look at the quality of politicians in the Parliament, are we to seriously think we will get good quality local politicians, no, they will be third-rate. More politicians equal more broken promises.

The third, ‘We therefore propose that the Scottish Government should, with the approval of the Scottish Parliament (and where appropriate, the assistance of the UK government) be able to enter into agreements with international bodies, insofar as they relate to devolved matters only‘. This is unbelievably dumb and will only embolden secession, give the already conceited Scottish National Party more power and autonomy with the ability to sign foreign treaties EXACTLY like an independent nation and then play dumb when their calls for independence start to grow. Allow Nicola Sturgeon to forge international allies who will then back her if she decides to go rogue for independence. Only Gordon Brown could come up with this.

The fourth, ‘Recommendation 29: The UK needs a new and powerful institution to drive
cooperation between all its governments – a Council of the Nations and Regions
‘. More bureaucracy, more wasted money, again. With more bodies, more councils, and more organisations to navigate, the Labour Party will divide the government and its powers and then set up a council seeking to cooperate, why do they just not divide up the government in the first place? This is also evident in another recommendation that is made, ‘Recommendation 10: There should be an economic growth or prosperity plan for every town and city to contribute to our shared prosperity, owned by Councils, Mayors, towns and cities working in partnership‘. The title of the paper is partly ‘Rebuilding Britains Economy’, how exactly will the government do that when each area has a different economic strategy? Stupid.

AI-generated image of politicians relaxing in the countryside after passing on most of their responsibilities to devolved administrations.

The fifth, ‘We therefore recommend that the next Labour Government should convene a COP UK, bringing together the devolved administrations, mayors and local government from every part of the country, as well as civil society, trade unions and business‘. This is just student politics at its most sad, no one cares about the International Climate Change Conference, people really won’t care about a domestic one. One in which taxpayers will have to pay for.

The sixth, ‘From the evidence we have seen we firmly believe our proposed reforms would
command popular support. But to co-author the future of our country, we must put the people at the heart of constitutional change. We therefore recommend the Labour Party should consult widely on our plans and take in the thoughts and feelings of people in all four nations. One practical option would be a series of Citizens’ Assemblies as part of a ground up conversation with the people of Britain on the change they want to see

One option would be a comprehensive New Britain Act, including the various new constitutional principles, the new social and economic rights, and the reform of the House of Lords‘.

A series of Citizen Assemblies cannot happen, they will be rigged and even if the Labour government don’t get the outcome they like, chances are they will just ignore it. We need a referendum or nothing. The plan is as follows:

  1. Start the campaign and lobbying process calling for the Labour Party to stage a referendum on their reforms once they are in government. This would mostly involve lobbying MPs on both sides of the house but mostly Labour MPs, before and after they win the next election. As well as building up a cross-section of the media into supporting a referendum to put pressure on the party. Signatures/petitions, email campaigns, articles etc.
  2. Start gathering and collating voter info to be able to transfer to a campaign system, your friends, colleagues, neighbours etc.
  3. Funding – the campaign will obviously need funding, which could be from individual donations or from generous benefactors.
  4. Messaging and Strategy – I can write a more in-depth post on this if people would like, but please heed this advice. Do NOT focus on the localism or the regional aspect of the paper, do not focus on the organisations that would oversee politicians etc, and do not overcomplicate. People hate politicians, use that to your advantage, they are trying to create another greasy ladder to climb. The message is as simple as the title of this article: More useless politicians, more wasted money/taxes, more bureaucracy. ‘More Police, Not More Politicians’, ‘Politicians Talk, We Pay’, ‘A Sadiq Khan In Every City’, ‘Vote No To More Politicians’, ‘More Politicians, Equals More Tax’.
  5. Research – Labour’s vision is deliberately lacking detail and spending commitments, more detail may come in the future but research will be essential to come up with concrete figures in terms of the massive costs of these proposals. Some casual figures I have calculated amount to £300 million a year for office costs to add an extra 50 mayoral positions in Britain if Labour commits to ensuring every city in Britain has a directly elected Mayor. (Figures calculated based on Sadiq Khan’s annual office spending of £6m multiplied by 50 for newly elected mayors for each city, there are currently 26). AKA £300m for police, not politicians.

This plan needs to start within the next year, if it isn’t I will attempt to start the process but ideally, someone with campaigning and management experience should lead. This cannot be led by Conservatives/Conservative MPs, minimal involvement from politicians is necessary for it to work. There are also some recommendations in the paper based on unelected organisations/quangos, this will be a powerful message also. If anyone would like to speak to me privately regarding this, feel free to DM me.

It’s imperative that we destroy this plan before it is implemented as the chances of getting it repealed at a later date are almost non-existent given that the Conservatives kept basically all of New Labours’ reforms. They will not repeal these new reforms if they ever get back into power.

It’s a sad state of affairs when both parties are destroying the country, but I still remain optimistic, the next few years will be rough, but by the end of the decade, things will have fallen into place. For now, one step at a time.