As the nation reckons with Rotherham, Starmer plots to change the constitution

I am going to tell you about a plan which was published at the end of last year; you will not
remember hearing about it, and you would not have seen much of it in the papers but rest assured, it is being passed around the hands of powerful people; who intend to implement it, whether you like it or not. The plan is called ‘New Britain’ and it was written by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, on the behalf of Labour leader Keir Starmer.

You might wonder, why does this plan, which involves a complete rewriting of our
constitution to say that Britain is not a single unified country but a U.S.-style federation, come at this particular moment? Why is it that, only after local councils and activists across the country are implicated in the cover-up of mass child abuse, our ruling class wants to give them unaccountable new powers? Why is it that, when discredited equality laws have created a human rights catastrophe, politicians want to make it impossible to get rid of them?

When Britain left the European Union it showed the political class that there was nothing
they could do to stop the will of the people. There was no special set of laws or supreme
court to protect the privileges of the elite. All of this is about to change, the same old ruling class figures who fought tooth and nail against Brexit have come together to make sure something like it never happens again.

The New Britain Plan will make the laws passed to force political correctness down our
throats part of a new “constitution”, this means that it will be virtually impossible for any future government, even one elected by the people, to ever repeal through parliament. The House of Lords will be scrapped and replaced by a new assembly made up of local government officials; which will have the power to veto anything it decides goes against the ‘constitution’ nobody wants and nobody has voted for.

These laws are the cause and most obvious example of the culture of fear in Rotherham
council and hundreds of others which betrayed an unknown number of children to predators. The Equality Act de facto requires that organisations in Britain hire diversity and inclusion officers and draw up diversity and inclusion policies, policies very much like the code of silence Rotherham police and councillors afraid of “racism” took upon themselves. Laws like the Communications Act 2003, Online Safety Bill and radicalisation laws empowered local police forces to intimidate those who criticised grooming gangs before they were public knowledge under the flimsy excuse of “hate speech”. There has been no mention of a right to unrestricted Freedom of Speech in the Starmer constitution.

Most important of all, incompetent judges who are appointed without regard for merit
excuse the perpetrators from punishment; they will block all attempts to strip them of
citizenship by appeal to the European Convention on Human Rights. Britain is at a crucial
moment, after Brexit, at which we have the opportunity to scrap this archaic and shameful
legislation; yet Keir Starmer intends to include a new set of “fundamental rights” which will
give politically correct judges, not the people, the power to decide whether to punish
criminals or not.

If anyone attempts to get rid of these laws in the future, they will be blocked by a new
“Assembly of the Nations and Regions”; the devolved administrations controlled by the SNP and Plaid Cymru will decide whether the Prime Minister is abiding by the “standards” set by the civil service. The New Britain plan exposes a massive power grab by local authorities. It is obvious local authorities like that of Rotherham, Sheffield and Manchester have utterly failed their constituents when child abuse on this scale is effectively encouraged. Yet both Labour and Tories press on with giving ever more money and more power over our lives to these failed bodies. Does anything you have read so far suggest a track record of competence? Imagine if a government were elected to bring justice to the victims of rape gangs and the new “metro-mayor” decided that police powers and sentencing was his job. Under the Starmer Constitution, he’d be in the right and the victims could do nothing about it.

It is almost as if nobody is brave enough to ask whether this vision of the future is the future we want: more lawyers, more politicians, more rights for criminals; less competence and less accountability.

The country faces a myriad of serious challenges; we are at a moment where progress can
either be made or stalled forever. The grooming gang catastrophe cannot be seen as an
isolated incident. It will not be solved by an inquiry led by the same old faces in the
Establishment. If we are to do right by ourselves, the victims and our conscience: we must
think seriously about root and branch replacement of the system. Replacement is what the ruling class fears more than anything else, the Starmer Constitution and Tory Levelling Up are both about stopping the creation of a new system for a generation; defeating them both is the first step in taking back control of our future.