Dominic Raab


Dominic Raab


Conservative Party


Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Justice

Category Verdict
Immigration Recognises immigration is too high but actions speak louder than words, he also stated he was 'open-minded' to allowing asylum seekers to work whilst their application is being processed, essentially encouraging more people to come to Britain.
Economy High tax, high spend, backs Rishi Sunak.
Crime Talks tough on crime, wants to leave the ECHR and change the Human Rights Act. Does not support the death penalty.
Healthcare Supported mandatory vaccinations for NHS staff.
Foreign Policy Continuing the escalation of the Russo-Ukraine war by involving Britain and allowed Chinese firm Huawei to build part of Britain's 5G infrastructure.
Grooming Gangs As far as we can tell, Raab has never commented on grooming gangs. If you know any different, pleasde get in touch.
Civil Liberties Supported lockdown and supports the Online Censorship Bill.
System Change Is more of a talker, he co-authored Britannia Unchained, but not much of a doer.
Competence Grossly incompetent, the Afghanistan debacle is a prime example.
Devolution Supports.
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