Michael Gove


Michael Gove


Conservative Party


Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities; Minister for Intergovernmental Relations

Category Verdict
Immigration Supports high levels of immigration.
Economy Supports the current economic system.
Crime In the late 90s wrote in support of the death penalty, but does not seem to echo his own comments today.
Healthcare Has written that the NHS does not 'meet expectations' and should be replaced.
Foreign Policy Continuing the escalation of the Russo-Ukraine war by involving Britain.
Grooming Gangs Spoke out in 2013 about 'absurd rules' preventing the police from gathering info on child victims in Rochdale.
Civil Liberties Supported lockdowns.
System Change Possibly.
Competence Managerial/Technocratic class.
Devolution More of it, the Conservative champion currently.
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