Rishi Sunak


Rishi Sunak


Conservative Party


Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party

Category Verdict
Immigration No action taken of the massive number of legal immigration. Announced a 'five-point-plan' to tackle illegal immigration, nothing will change.
Economy High tax, high spend.
Crime Talks tough on crime, is yet to make any substantial changes. Does not support the death penalty.
Healthcare Wants to increase private capacity within the NHS but offers no substantial change and is managing a decaying healthcare service.
Foreign Policy Continuing the escalation of the Russo-Ukraine war by involving Britain and ignoring any potential past, present or future peace settlement.
Grooming Gangs Had previously promised to wipe the problem out, has so far failed to act.
Civil Liberties Supported lockdown and supports the Online Censorship Bill.
System Change Sunak desperately wants to be part of the system so no chance of him changing it.
Competence Would be better suited as a civil servant rather than a politician, is it competent/technocratic to spend £400bn on a bad flu?
Devolution More of it. Although deserves credit for blocking the Scottish Gender bill.
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