Is Britain the most corrupt country in the modern world?

Is Britain the most corrupt country in the modern world? It certainly feels that way, no one in positions of power is held to account as our country rapidly declines.

Since the mid-1900s, Britain has been beset with a series of seemingly endless scandals, cover-ups, failures, and criminality resulting in death, destruction, wasted money and callousness.

Grooming gangs consisting of predominantly Pakistani men have been allowed to operate for decades across the country due to the authorities refusing to act based on ‘political correctness’. In Rotherham alone, 1600 girls are estimated to have been abused, yet not a single police officer was sacked. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigated 265 different allegations made by 51 complainants. 47 officers were investigated, eight had a case to answer for misconduct and six had a case to answer for gross misconduct. The most severe punishment was a written warning. In 2015 after a report found that Rotherham council was ‘not fit for purpose’, the cabinet of the council resigned en masse. You might think this is right, but I don’t, it is the bare minimum. A serious country would have arrested and jailed every single one for high crimes. Ignoring and covering up the suffering of thousands of young girls is certainly a high crime. The Police Force, the Council, the social workers, the IOPC and anybody else involved should all be in jail, anything less is unacceptable.

Mass terror attacks have been committed on British soil by homegrown foreign combatants killing hundreds and injuring thousands more, many of the attacks could potentially have been prevented if authorities had acted. This week a report into the Manchester Arena Bombing in 2017 which killed 22 innocent civilians and injured more than 1000 declared that Mi5 missed a ‘significant opportunity’ to prevent the bombing. It also concluded that the bomber’s family holds ‘significant responsibility’ for his extremist Islamist beliefs. The terrorist was born in Manchester to a family of Libyan-born refugees who had left the country due to Muammar Gaddafi. Our ever-generous political class opened our borders to the rest of the world and as a consequence, we now have homegrown foreign combatants committing terror attacks. The report noted further the failure of Mi5 but also the sheer number of Islamist extremists in the North West alone, with Mi5 “struggling to cope” with the workload when the agency was running around 500 investigations into suspected Islamist extremists with a further 5,000 active subjects of interest. The Director General of Mi5 at the time should be in jail for the failure of the organisation he led, instead he has been made a life peer in the House of Lords. Why are the 500 not in jail also? Charge them with treason and be done with it, charge the other 5000 too whilst we are at it. There is no need for these people to be on the street and there is also no need to keep importing people like them into our country either.

Crime is on the rise, brought about by authorities refusing to enforce our laws and protect innocents from criminals. Certain crimes are de-facto legal, Britain is like the Purge, except if the Purge was 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Charge rates have dropped drastically for a plethora of crimes, in March 2015, 16% of crimes were resolved with a charge and/or summons, now it is 5.6%. Crimes such as assault with injury have dropped from 25% to 5%, harassment from 28% to 4%, and public fear, alarm or distress from 26% to 3%. Why aren’t those great devolved Police and Crime Commissioners not holding their police force to account? That was how they were sold to the public, instead, they should all be jailed for gross failure and their positions abolished. The murder of six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes in 2021 was a serious failure of state services. Arthur was tortured, starved and beaten before his death, he was seen multiple times by social services and his situation was reported to the police with no intervention. The social workers and officials responsible for this should be in jail. The Home Secretary should be in jail alongside senior civil servants for allowing Britain to effectively become lawless, people reluctantly pay taxes to live in a safe and secure society, if the state cannot provide that, what use is it?

Speaking of the Home Secretary, immigration is only going higher, even after the people of Britain have voted in every instance to reduce it. Many terror attacks and acts of crime could have been prevented if our borders weren’t so accommodating so it’s no wonder that Britain’s open-door immigration policy is continuing. There is a theme of failure, incompetence and misconduct. 1.1 million people came to Britain last year, and more than 125,000 people have illegally crossed into Britain since 2018, mostly through the channel crossing. Not only is this situation costing Britain billions of pounds, but it is also undermining the security and exclusivity of our nation. Anybody entering Britain illegally should be sent straight back, no if, no buts. Anybody facilitating them, such as the Home Secretary, should be in jail.

The state as one entity is fundamentally failing, which in the case of the NHS, leads to the deaths of thousands of people a year. More than 117,000 people died last year waiting for care with the NHS. Poor NHS care is estimated to kill up to 10,000 people a year, and NHS medication errors contribute to as many as 22,000 deaths a year. Is this acceptable, who is being held to account for this? Why is the Health Secretary not in jail? Why is the executive leadership group of NHS England not all in jail? In no private organisation would this be acceptable.

State projects are delayed and over budget, take High-Speed Rail 2 which is now expected to cost more than £100bn and won’t be finished until 2045. Or the British army’s Ajax armoured vehicle which is now delayed indefinitely, the first vehicles were expected all the way back in 2017. The collapse of Carillion in 2018 which led to the delay and subsequent further expense of many state projects such as Royal Liverpool University Hospital has still not been rectified, civil servants and politicians should be in jail for rewarding massive contracts to an unstable business. The government even delayed the reveal of a plan to speed up major state projects. Who was held to account for that? Which senior civil servant should be sent to prison for gross incompetence or at the very least sacked? Instead, officials are just carted off to other departments, never having to acknowledge or rectify mistakes or failures.

And last week, a 14-year-old white boy in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, was the victim of a dangerous systematic inquisition forcing him to flee his home and go into hiding. This inquisition was led by local Muslim ‘community leaders’ including a councillor, and the local police Chief Inspector. What caused this tyranny would have been inconsequential in Britain 20 years ago. The boy, as a forfeit for losing a video game, was asked by his friends to buy a copy of the Koran and bring it to school. The book once in the school, was accidentally scuffed, although not by him. That is it. The boy and his friends were suspended, the police investigated and recorded it as a ‘hate incident’, a Labour Councillor claimed that the book was ‘desecrated’, and the mother of the boy was forced to take part in a public humiliation ritual in the local mosque after she and her family had suffered death threats and threats of arson. The below Twitter thread displays just how sickening this episode of religious and ethnic discourse in Britain truly is.

Wakefield is just 10 miles away from Batley, which in 2021 suffered its own similar episode, in which a teacher was suspended and had to go into hiding after showing an image of Muhammad to his class. The teacher is still reportedly in hiding due to fear for himself and his family. Protestors gathered outside the school at the time, and he was suspended and reportedly moved into police protection after receiving death threats.

Wakefield is 3% Muslim, and Batley is more than 33%, but it’s unclear what Britain gains from this display of diversity.

Why are the officials such as the Police Chief and Councillors not in jail for the way they have handled this incident? Why are the people who sent death threats to an innocent boy not in jail?

Why is there no accountability or responsibility for people whose jobs exist solely for the good of the nation? System failure is evident and it is deadly, why is no one held accountable? Why are there no dedicated prisons for corrupt, incompetent and failing public officials?

I asked earlier whether Britain was the most corrupt country in the world, you may think I was being hyperbolic, but I wasn’t. Sure we may be high up on the anti-corruption ranking leaderboard but that means nothing when your entire system exists to ignore and carry on failure. When officials are rarely sacked or jailed for gross failures such as the deaths of children, or the deaths of thousands of patients, is that not corruption? They get to keep their job and their salary, never having to answer for their failure, whilst a family grieves. When officials reward contracts to private companies that end up being far over budget and massively delayed, is anyone held accountable as taxpayer money is wasted in the billions? Of course not, they are just moved on to the next project, never having to correct it, and in many cases, they actually get promoted. The system incentivises self-interest and self-protection.

Why is no one in Britain held responsible? Because there is simply no incentive to change. Their incentives are flawed, to protect themselves and their organisation. They are more interested in checklists and the bureaucratic playbook than they are in identifying and solving problems. Nobody is incentivised to act or even come up with something new.

Proper incentives combined with the correction of errors or failures must be implemented if anything is to change. The serious and very real threat of jail is a start.

It has precedent in other countries, such as France, South Korea, Germany, and Austria. Ask yourself, when was the last time anyone of real power or status was jailed or even charged in Britain? I don’t mean the Jared O’Mara’s of the world, I mean someone of serious stature, a cabinet official or senior civil servant. Struggling to think of someone? Me too, now think about the last few decades of British governance, do you think this country has been served well, do politicians and officials deserve the relative peace they have enjoyed, or should a fair few of them be in prison?

In South Korea half of all living former presidents are now in prison. What a great country.

System failure will continue unless the system itself is changed, and incentives are required. When politicians talk about accountability or responsibility, they don’t mean it, there is no incentive for them too.

Until that system is in place, I propose we prosecute politicians, I’m willing to bet we would get better governance, even if we don’t, we get to see them behind bars anyway.

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