WATCH: Mass immigration is making Britain poorer, dirtier, and a more dangerous place to live.

For the past 13 years, Britain has been led by the Conservative Party, in some form or another. The party has been consistent in its policy and commitment to lowering immigration. 

So, many of our fellow citizens were shocked last year when the conservative-controlled Home Office announced that more than 1.1 million legal immigrants had arrived in Britain that year alone. 1.1 million people, that number is around the same size as the population of Birmingham. A city the size of Birmingham arrived in Britain just last year. So last year was 1.1 million, what will this year be?

Well, the Telegraph reported a story this week that states this year’s immigration numbers are set to dwarf last year’s. That means Britain for the first time ever could be set to overtake the United States regarding the number of immigrants that a country takes in. The US takes in around one million legal immigrants net a year and has done for the last two decades, it has consistently been the most generous country in the world when it comes to handing out visas. But the US is a country of 330 million people, far bigger than Britain, with a population of just 67 million, not to mention the sheer land mass of America too. If the upcoming report shows what we think it will, it will solidify Britain as being the most visa-generous country in the world. It will also solidify us as the stupidest country in the world. 

Now you may ask, what exactly are our politicians doing about this? After all, the British people have always voted at every election, to reduce immigration. 

I’ll tell you what they have been doing. This week the genius minds of British conservatism gathered at the National Conservatism Talk in London, just down the road in fact in Westminster, speakers included the current Home Secretary Suella Braverman who is in charge of immigration, the MP and former minister Jacob Rees Mogg, David Frost the wannabe MP and former Brexit negotiator, and Michael Gove, the current Housing Secretary. A true ministry of all the talents. 

Braverman gave a much-anticipated speech, anticipated by the media class that is, not so much by everyone else. In that speech, she said this: 

‘While illegal immigration is rightly our priority, we must not lose sight of controlling legal migration as well’. 

The room reportedly applauded, but they are applauding a charade. Braverman and her predecessors, such as Priti Patel, Sajid Javid, Amber Rudd and Theresa May have all promised the same thing, to lower immigration, yet not one of them has achieved it. Since 2010, when the Conservatives came into power, Britain has received around 6 million immigrants. In fact, almost half of all foreign-born residents now in Britain have arrived only within the last 13 years. 

Braverman and the Conservative government are even failing to control their supposed priority of illegal immigration, with around 7000 people crossing the channel so far this year, and more than 45,000 people last year. So the government are failing at both tasks. 

Why is this happening? Why is it that every time the people of this country voted to lower immigration, we have been ignored? Are our politicians just incompetent, does Braverman not know what she’s doing? Do they just not care, they don’t see a problem with Britain being at the mercy of major mass immigration. Maybe they actually think that is it beneficial to import all of these people? Or are they just liars?

There is truth to all of the reasons I outlined, but the fundamental truth is this. Britain is one of the only countries that has politicians that are more interested in giving speeches, writing columns and appearing on television than they are in actually wielding the power of the state and doing the work. If Suella Braverman in her position as Home Secretary cannot march into the Home Office and demand that civil servants bring the number of visas given out down to zero, then the whole system isn’t fit for purpose. What is the point? 

Actions speak louder than words, and when we have a British home secretary making speeches about bringing immigration down instead of actually doing it, you should know that you are being lied to and deceived. 

Amongst the political class of both parties, Labour and the Conservatives, they do not see immigration as a problem, Keir Starmer even wants to give immigrants the vote. No party is prepared to act, we are not interested in words. 

But why should they care if you or your children can’t buy a house, or get a doctor’s appointment? Why should they care if the neighbourhood you grew up in is increasingly becoming a poorer, dirtier and more dangerous place to live? Why should they care if you are competing with imported cheap labour? 

We have a political class who are perfectly content with the status quo, that is more and more immigration, and all the negatives that come with it. 

The cabinet has just stated as such when they have essentially blocked any plans to reduce the numbers. 

So the situation is this, we have elected politicians making speeches and announcing fake policy at some sad low energy conference which is then rejected or not acted upon when they go back to doing their actual job. Michael Gove is yet another example of this, he said at the event:

‘There simply aren’t enough homes in this country’. 

Well, as Housing Secretary, I do wonder if he knows someone who could do something about that? Anyone?

To sum up the conference, immigration is sky high, there aren’t enough houses and the ones that are available aren’t affordable to working people, what is to be done about that? Maybe ask the people who gave the speeches, they have been in charge for the last 13 years. 

What is the solution to our mass immigration problem, it’s very simple, reduce the number of visas given to zero. 

Britain is not led by serious people.