An Open Letter to Political Party Donors

Britain has been ruled by two parties for the last century, the Labour Party and the Conservative Party.

In that time, Britain lost an empire, fought a second world war, deindustrialised faster than any other major nation, economically fell behind other major countries, failed to invest in major infrastructure, created a large and bloated state, allowed our companies to be bought out by foreign entities, missed the .com revolution of the 2000s meaning we have no major tech companies, missed (missing) the AI revolution, allowed millions of migrants into the country, allowed house prices to become unaffordable, aligned our foreign policy with America, regulated the private sector, regulated the public sector, allowed unelected civil servants to set policy, forced citizens to pay for a state news agency, allowed crime to rise, allowed public services to fail, devolved power to corrupt and third-rate regional governments, allowed productivity to fall, created a ponzi-scheme university sector, and entrenched the two major parties that have been responsible for all of this.

The Conservative Party is 189 years old. The Labour Party is 123 years old. Their ages have been showing for a while now.

The decline of Britain is not happening overnight, so you tell yourself that it can be turned around, whether you donate to the Conservatives or Labour, you retain some faith that they will do the right thing, that they will do the smart thing, and put the country and the national interest first. You hang around hoping that their next leader will be better, even though they are elected from the current sad crop of MPs. You meet and discuss with them about what is needed to be done, and you hope that they will listen, but they never do. You use your expertise and network to form committees and groups to help them formulate policy, only for them to ignore it or water it down. You transfer your businesses to foreign countries, but still keep a foothold in Britain, hoping that one day you can return. That outcome is increasingly unlikely.

Britain’s prospects are dire, you know this, everyone knows this, they know it, but they refuse to do anything about it. Partly because they are incompetent, partly because they are lazy, and partly because they are doing ok anyway, why should they make the effort? They are on TV being interviewed thinking they are some sort of movie star, they are attending global conferences mixing with the global ruling class, and making friends with billionaires. All whilst people in Britain are getting poorer. They are content, the people of Britain are not. And you are not either, you are wealthy, you have made your money in the country you love and you’d like to see it prosper because if Britain prospers, you prosper. You might be retired (you most likely are), wouldn’t you like to secure Britain’s legacy, for your children and your grandchildren? Wouldn’t you like them to grow up in an absurdly prosperous, wealthy and advanced country? I know you would.

The Conservative Party over the last 13 years have presided over complete wage stagnation, people are poorer today than they were in 2005. You might pin your hopes on the Labour Party in 2024, but ask yourself, would you hire the people that are running that party to run your business? The answer will probably be no. The House of Commons consists of serial failures, unremarkable’s, nepo-babies and unserious people. Meritocracy is gone. The Labour Party will not revive Britain, Britain’s decline will roll on, just with higher taxes, more failed devolution and more diversity all whilst the Conservatives seek to resurrect themselves once again.

Labour has no answers, and the Conservatives are a zombie party, they have no talent and if reports are to be believed, no money. They must not be resurrected. Britain will be worse off for it.

Allow them to die, and allow Labour to fail on their own when they are elected in 2024.

You might not recognise the decline of Britain that I have set out, but ask yourself, is it more likely that Britain will end up like Singapore in 15 years time, or like South Africa? We all know the answer. The British state is dysfunctional, the civil service has control over elected officials, devolution is creating internal political opposition and deterioration, and our judicial system is increasingly elevating the interests of lawyers and criminals over the interests of the people.

The world becomes more complex every day, not just for normal people but our leaders too. Britain’s system is not fit for purpose and we cannot afford to have unserious people in charge.

It is your duty to your country to use your resources to fund a new political outlet that will revive Britain. It cannot go on like this. Withdraw your funding from the two major parties that offer nothing but decline.

Instead, I would urge you to support Reunite. We will have more to announce soon, but Reunite is the future. A meritocratic, wealthy, advanced and progressive future for Britain.

The people of Britain are desperately seeking an alternative to our current order, or
more fittingly, disorder. The energy that drove the vote to leave in 2016 did not disappear
however, it simply dissipated, ready to be picked up again in the next evolution of
Britain’s political landscape.

But Britain’s political system cannot be replaced on a budget, only when major donors such as yourselves recognise that change must come, will we finally have a real alternative to our decline.

We will be contacting many of you over the coming months, and we hope you are receptive, for now, if you would like to reach out, major donor or small, you can email me using the email at the end of this letter.

If you’d like to keep up to date with Reunite you can follow here, or follow me personally here.

Change is coming to Britain.

Jack Anderton


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