Paid Creator Scheme

I started Inflamer Media as a way to post my writing, thoughts and discoveries using my own platform. I have always had a passion for media, particularly dissident media, media that pushes the boundaries, that highlights stories and discoveries that no one else does, and investigates the obscure or controversial.

I am not a journalist and I have never claimed to be, I have a different calling in life, but that calling requires a media apparatus that is prepared to stand above the crowd.

As such, Inflamer Media needs to expand, expand its content, expand its reach, and ultimately expand its revenue. Money makes the world go round and if Inflamer Media is to become a serious operation, we need more revenue which means more subscribers who pay because they love our content.

As such, we are announcing today a scheme that will pay creators for their content.

Our scheme is not lucrative and is not aimed at professional or experienced journalists who can demand far higher rates elsewhere, although they are welcome to apply.

The scheme is aimed at intelligent young people (18+), part-time writers, one-off writers, those who would like to make extra money and those who would just like to have their content published.

Our goals for this scheme are as follows:

  1. Foster creative talent to eventually bring in-house on paid full-time/part-time salaries once revenue allows.
  2. Create more + varied content for subscribers.
  3. Increase reach and number of subscribers.

I am already aware that we are blessed with great creators, writers, anonymous posters etc, we hope that this scheme will not only give them a formal platform to publish their work and express their views but also be rewarded for the work they do. For example, many anonymous Twitter users create great content in the form of long threads, or tweets, I saw one just this week from a user who did an investigation into a charity. This is great work and should be rewarded.

Our resources are finite and we are a very small organisation for now, but the details of the scheme are below:

£30 per article. Minimum of 850 words. Frequent successful creators will be entitled to more.

In terms of content, we welcome content that is similar to the content we publish. Content must be accessible to your average person, which means we are unlikely to publish pure political philosophy or obscure/extremely specific content. Content has to have mainstream appeal, which means content that is topical, important, new, and captivating.

We welcome short articles, long articles, investigations, deep dives, legal analyses of relevant issues (immigration, asylum etc), science and technology briefs, economics briefs etc. Our current content categories are Britain, World, Culture, Economy and Tech.

Pitches must be in line with our editorial slant, which can be discovered by reading our previously published content. We will not publish content from a political party perspective, so if you are hoping to write content defending the Conservative Party/Labour Party, please go elsewhere. We are very clear that we have an editorial agenda. We are more likely to publish content that is engaging and offers solutions instead of just criticism. For example, if they include policy proposals.

Pitches should be sent to hello@inflamermedia.com with the subject line ‘PITCH – Your subject here’. Creators are welcome to send full content/full written articles in their original pitch email, alternatively, they can provide a summary and suggested headline and ask if we are interested before they write. Your pitch must also include your details, name, country, age, Twitter username, and LinkedIn profile (when applicable).

Content will always be published anonymously unless the creator has requested to have their name attached to the published content.

Inflamer Media reserves the right to edit all content before publishing, in agreement with the author and will own the content once payment has been received. We also reserve the right to reject pitches.

I appreciate that £30 may not seem like a lot, but I would just reiterate that our resources are finite and this is not aimed at professional journalists. We would highlight that most publications don’t pay at all. We hope that through expansion we will be able to increase this amount.

To reiterate, we are a very small organisation, but we have goals and hopes that with your help we can grow big enough to take on the forces that are keeping our great country down.

Jack Anderton